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designing artful and interpretive
"eco-revelatory" gathering spaces;
offering residents and neighborhoods sustainable solutions
that increase the health, efficiency and general livability of existing homes

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06 May 2012

forgive me mother, for i have spinned

it's been six months since my last confession.
measuring abundance in transects & babysitting offers, species counts, and seashells with pinholes perfect for dangling- spring stars for the studio.
eagle's there when the uphill gets too steep; an osprey in the soft focus when for sure the sharper gifts me my first rufus.
time to get dirt under the nails again, and paint where it shouldn't be.
in my dreams.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for your always poetic and deep revealing words. Real. Lovely.



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art walk -  jun 2011 - bicycle alliance offices
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